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13 Reasons Why Season 3 Review It’s much more than a murder mystery of Bryce Walker


It’s much more than a murder mystery of Bryce Walker

Netflix finally reached the third season of its very popular American Show 13 reasons to live on August 23. With Grace Saif, Justin Prentice, Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Druid Devin, Christian Navarro, Miles Heizer and Ross Butler mainly, the last part of the story is about the death of Bryce Walker played by Justin Prentice and its sequels.

The story begins where the second season ended. Hannah Baker’s friends (Katherine Langford) at High School High School are still dealing with their loss. Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), the rapist of Hannah Baker, moved to a new school and is trying to change for the better after realizing the damage caused to people’s lives. Meanwhile, the news of the disappearance and murder of Bryce Walker is confirmed, leading to an investigation behind the mystery of his murderer.

As the investigation progressed, it was discovered that they were all suspects and had their own reasons for killing Bryce. But who really killed him? I’m not going to tell you.

The writers of 13 Reasons why they love to play football with our minds and that is what they did during the third season as well. After creating enough hatred in our minds for Bryce Walker and forcing us to literally want death in his death, the authors showed us another facet of his character.

As for the previous two seasons, 13 reasons why the authors choose to tell the past and present of the story in parallel and if that is not enough to mislead it, they propose the close-up of Bryce’s character where all Watch is fighting to Fight against your evil. Manufacturers have clearly tried to gain sympathy for Bryce Walker here and just when you question his intentions, the human / rapist angle leads you to question your instinct. Obviously, there are many moments this season that will make your mind restless and you will have trouble drawing conclusions.

The audience of 13 Reasons Why understands very well that “nobody is clean” and that is what the writers also showed during the 3rd season. The fact that each victim has a story behind their motives will make you doubt the existence of this world.

A new character named Ani was introduced with Hannah. She is the storyteller, as well as the person who offers the public the best aspect of Bryce Walker’s character.

In addition to the impressive story and drama for teenagers, I loved the transformation of the characters Clay, Jessica and Justin. Clay had an excellent transformation from the first season to the second season and improves again in the third season, but it was a pleasure to see Jessica change for the better and take control of her life forever.

The only thing I didn’t like for 13 reasons was his slow narration. I don’t know why they repeated the same mistake every 3 seasons and I must say that it really makes the program a much more tiring clock than it was supposed to.