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Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 11 January 2020: Shehnaz Kaur Gill cried and Salman Khan hit her


Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 11th January 2020 Written Episode: Shehnaz Kaur Gill remains the favorite competitor of the audience. People also like Shehnaz’s ties with Siddharth Shukla very much. Shehnaz entertains the audience. At the same time, Salman Khan is also influenced by Shehnaaz. In the next episodes, Shehnaz will do something that will prepare Salman to throw him out of the house.

Recently, a promotion came out in which Salman Khan is seen taking a class of family members. Meanwhile, a high voltage drama is seen in the house. In fact, there has been a long dispute between Shehnaz and Mahira. People say that Shehnaz is jealous of Mahira.

On the other hand, Shehnaz continues to deny this. Salman starts his class with this Shehnaz behavior. Shehnaz and Mahira receive a task. In this, hearts are placed before the two. Shehnaz is seen crying a lot in this promotion.

At the same time, Salman asks Sana to treat him with respect. Don’t do a drama to cry too much. You are a prisoner As soon as she says that, Sana herself starts beating and crying. Shehnaz says that if I don’t want to live here, Salman also tells Shehnaz angrily to take her out of the house and asks Bigg Boss to open the door.

Shehnaz also gets angry and sits by the door. Siddharth runs after him to persuade Shehnaz. This video was shared on the Twitter account called Bigg Boss Khabari. If Shehnaz leaves the house or will not be revealed in today’s episode.

Bigg Boss 13 11th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Bashed On Shehnaaz Gill!:

Bigg Boss 13 11th January 2020 Episode

Bigg Boss 13 January 11, 2020 Written update to episode: Ka Vaar Weekend Salman criticized by Shehnaaz Gill !: Salman Khan was seen in Shehnaz Gill’s conversation class on Ka Vaar’s weekend of ‘Bigg Boss 13 ‘. So far, Salman has called Shehnaz his favorite competitor. In such a situation, when she starts to scold Shehnaz, she starts to cry bitterly on the show. Salman does not stop there, he educated Siddharth about Shehnaz.

Mahira and Shehnaz are standing and the roommates have to say who is the more jealous of the two. A box in front of Shehnaz and Mahira shows that all the families have taken the name of Shehnaz. Shehnaz said, “Lord, I am not answering him either.” Salman shouts after hearing these words from Shehnaz.

Salman says, “Shehnaz, beheading, crying, this drama, don’t do it in front of me. I treat you with great respect, you also treat me with respect. “Shehnaz also says that” You deceived me. I don’t want to stay here. “Salman said,” So don’t stay. ”

After that, Salman tells Siddharth that “you have to be very careful in this business because she started to love you.” It is clear that Salman does not want to increase the proximity between Siddharth and Shehnaz. It was then that he asked Siddharth to keep a distance.

Very good links between Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill have been observed. The fans gave the new name #Sidnaz to both. Shehnaz once said about Siddharth that he had a feeling about Siddharth. At the same time, Siddharth also declared that he loved Shehnaz, although he also added that he loved him as a friend.

Aarti Singh reveals when he was raped over the weekend at Ka Vaar

This time, the Chhapak team is about to arrive at Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Aggarwal are promoting their film. With this, these three interact with members of the House. Meanwhile, members of the House also share their bad experiences. During the broadcast, Govinda’s niece, Aarti Singh, first shared her story. Hearing this story, everyone is excited. Siddharth Shukla in particular. Homes are happy to remember the bad times that happened to them.

Aarti Singh says: “When I was 13 years old, I was almost on trial for raping me by locking myself in the house. In this conversation, she said that when she remembered that, she was still shaking. Siddharth Shukla is surprised when Aarti says so. In addition, all families also become emotional.

In addition to Aarti, other family members also shared their bad experiences. Aarti also said earlier on the show that he suffered from depression when he found no job. Aarti had said: struck, I was in shows like Mayka, Waris. But I did not receive any recognition. After the hair, my work was appreciated by people. But after that, I didn’t find a job for two years. I sat at home for two years. I did not find a job. Then came a period when I entered depression.

On the Ka Vaar weekend, this time in the episode, Deepika arrives at Bigg Boss with his co-star Vikrant Massey. The two also played a unique game with Bigg Boss contestants. These games are like the movie Jumanji – The Next Level, which shows a participant acting like the other participant. What can you watch on TV today?

At the same time, Deepika sent the members of the Chamber. The team left Bigg Boss’ house with Deepika and had a lot of fun. On the other hand, the film Deepika Padukone “Chhapaak” was premiered in theaters. The film receives mixed responses.