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Bigg Boss 13 Updates: Sidharth Shukla compares his relationship with Shehnaaz Gill to cigarettes and says: “Sadd raha hu, par peeta hu”


Bigg Boss 13 Updates: Sidharth Shukla talks about his relationship with Shehnaaz Gill, compares it to cigarettes and says: “Sadd raha hu, par peeta hu”.

Bigg Boss 13 Updates:

Bigg Boss 13 performed well in the TRP rankings and was among the top three shows this week. The program was so appreciated that it has a five-week extension. The show’s new concept of having the first final in two weeks had already received all the attention and later, the incredible famous competitors made this season even more interesting.

Sidharth Shukla compares his relationship with Shehnaaz Gill to smoking cigarettes, says, 'Sadd raha hu, par peeta hu'

There are two most talked about candidates, Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla. Their cute bond is also loved by fans and their fans give them a pretty name. Shehnaaz and Sidharth are called SidNaaz together by their fans.

However, there have been some problems in between and now we can say that #SidNaaz is completely broken. Sidharth recently told Shehnaaz that if he could not be faithful to his own parents, he could never be faithful to someone else.

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He also said that he had been duped by many people like her in the past and that he did not want to be associated with her.

Shehnaaz Gill was seen trying to follow Sidharth Shukla into the house, but he ignored her. Yesterday we saw them sit together and talk for a while. Shehnaaz had tried to make him talk about Sidharth and it seems that she finally did.

Sidharth explains that his attachment to Shehnaaz is like his attachment to cigarettes in this house. He says he knows it is harmful to him and that he is rotting inside, but he finally gives up.

He said: “Tere saath attachment hai, alag si. Kisi insaan ke saath nahi rahi hai. Wo aisi attachment hai jaisi meri cigarette ke saath hai. Mereko pata hai problem of rahi hai by mai ja ke peeta hun”.

It was before Sidharth Shukla’s big fight with Shehnaaz Gill during the captain task. The task was then canceled by Bigg Boss when Sanchalak Vishal Aditya Singh had cheated.