Burn Movie review and movie summary (2019)

Burn Movie review and movie summary (2019)

Plot: When a service station has to occupy the tip of the gun by an unclean man, the lonely and unstable employee of the service station runs out and has the opportunity to contact the bandits.

Comment: do you ever want to belong? It seems that everyone in his life has died where they feel like a stranger. Everyone sometimes felt that the most important thing in the world was not their education, their work or even their future. The most important thing, then, was a social circle, a romantic relationship, a best friend or really a friend.

Burn Movie review and movie summary (2019)

Our protagonist, Melinda, has definitely felt this way. She works in the cemetery at an isolated service station at the location of the winery. Her only father is Sheila, her co-worker, but Sheila is more interested in sending text messages and social networks than talking to her or any other client. Although Melinda loves clients, she offers recommendations and conversations with her old friends, even if she, like Sheila, is within walking distance of Melinda’s well-known identity. However, Melinda moved on hoping for a real connection. However, his work allows him to meet many people every night, such as Officer Liu, who regularly stops and takes his romantic interest. Even if his strange behavior allows him to complain remotely.

It seems that the beginning of a heartbreaking drama takes on something more serious than when a mysterious man demands all the cash in the building with a gun at the station counter. It is not long before she and Melinda are caught in a strange series of increasingly intense events, which demonstrates how easily the yearning can become intense frustration.

This is the premise of Burn, the first of the feature film to introduce writer / director Mike Gunn. The young filmmaker, whose only credit was previously admitted to the horror histology of HULU, entitled School Spirit, probably realized that “the theft of a service station was a mistake.” History is a very good idea and he chose to make it a reality. Watch it unfold in a completely different story and then contradict the characters that naturally bounce off each other.

There are many moments and turns of Burns that the public will find difficult to anticipate. Although there is nothing in Burns that feels so out of place, the film is in some dark and wonderful places. All of this may seem pointless, but song directors and smart scripts are never attracted to cunning and manipulation. However, this puts the tension on the entire film at an almost incredibly adequate height.

Although the film is not free from defects, it is not difficult to wait every moment of the movie. It does many interesting and unpredictable things, when it takes the obvious route: it is a sight to behold. Also, during the well-designed scene, there is a fairly large continuity cave, which was enough to get me out of the movie long before the quality work on display convinced me again and again. Also taken The movie’s runtime.

If the performances are not strong, a film like Burn, which has a small cast, a space and a sophisticated script, could be eliminated. Luckily for the movie, Burns has an extraordinary outfit for young Hollywood actors. Sokey Water House (safe) is completely reliable as a seeker and driller. The character could easily have been a parody or a helicopter, but what a remarkable role the Waterhouse Nails have been to make this film a reality. The same could be said of Harry Sham Jr. (Crazy Rich Asians). His interpretation of the good-hearted officer Louie never feels less than real, and the fact that his role in Burns helps increase tension.
A lone employee of a service station tries to get the biggest stacking in Mike Gann’s debut.
In a hostage of changing gasoline at the gas station table, Mike Gaines plays a disappointing role in the most fascinating life of Burning Wall: when he plans to save the theft of a man fleeing immediately. If I can’t change, a cashier (Tilda Kohm Harvey) is accidentally taking Stakeman (Josh Hutcherson) hostage. It matters in a highly credible drama that heads south, which shows a much lesser understanding of the psychology of its main character. Although Key Art tries to take advantage of Hutchinson and Sochi Waterhouse, the famous co-stars of The Hero, the possibilities of the theater are excellent.
Acting: Angel Whale, Harry Sham Jr., Jim Deity, John D. Hackman, Josh Hutcherson, Keith Leonard, Rob Figueroa, Shiloh Fernandez, Steve Griffinti, Sookie Waterhouse, Tilda Kohm Harvey, Van Pyle, Win

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