Crawl Movie Review: Brutal alligator allegory is a scary summer surprise

Crawl Movie Review: Brutal alligator allegory is a scary summer surprise

A few weeks ago, a couple of Gujarati crocodiles went to hunt videos on social networks. Not politically, of course, this is the main premise of dragging the fantasy fish movie, which has reached our shores after a great success at the box office in the United States.

The frustration is that it is not in Vododara, but in Florida. It is a state that is as famous for its natural disasters as for man-made news headlines.

The thin and medium plot of the film can easily captivate one of those popular ‘Florida Man’ headlines, as it does with the awkward process of blinding like horror images.

Dave Keller, a contractor and dominant father who has played the role of Barry Pepper, has decided to board his house during the Category 5 hurricane, and is immediately trapped in the underground space. When her youngest daughter (Kaya Scodelario) tries and cannot contact her, she decides that the best course of action is to investigate herself. Ignoring the advice of the authorities, he went to his father’s house with torrential rains. To add another element of fear, she also brings her beloved puppy with her.

Crawl movie review: Brutal alligator allegory is a scary summer surprise
Barry Pepper stars in CRAWL from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Sergej Radović.

At home, she was trapped in a claustrophobic basement, unable to move her father and move. But just when he is about to do so, a couple of suspects, Dave and his daughter, cross the rubble and the corner, including a pair of metal bars. But there are no signs of deceleration in the rain. Floods have begun in the basement. And once the water crosses a certain threshold, the Gators can swim in the bars and towards poor Dave and his daughter, like hungry diners at a table they have been watching for 45 minutes.

As for the horror settings, the French filmmaker Alexandre Aja has created a film of great prestige. And fortunately, it shows a solid mastery over his abilities, producing a creature, which ends up being 87 minutes long before the lightning ends. It’s done

His film making is a performance such that I, as a casual admirer of his previous work, was not prepared. The most surprising thing about the film was that its current was relatively not a traditional story, but the fact that Ajay, one of the pioneers of a particularly violent sub genre of horrible cinema known as New French Extremism, has largely resisted his invisible roots. . And that despite the preparations of the two men. Instead, he advocates a gradual approach, which reflects another layer of his ability.

Crawl movie review: Brutal alligator allegory is a scary summer surprise

The geography of the small space is easy to understand, which is notable because many films overlook this crucial aspect of survival horror. As an audience, we need to contribute on the same page. Keeping viewers in the dark puts the movie at risk of falling. Staying one step ahead puts you at risk. Tracking only manages to reach Sweet Point.

It also helps that the character: Dave and Haley be understanding and easy to support. And despite the occasional dependence on the claws, the film suffers from false hopes and false ends, plays a central role thanks to the central performances. Surprisingly, after years of seeing Barry Pepper, Kaya Scodelario justifies those expectations for the first time from his important role in show masks in the United Kingdom. It needs a heavier lift, sometimes literally, and probably offers the best performance of its kind, probably due to the black lifestyle on the pillows. This is more impressive because for the most part, she is alone on the screen.

You see, the alligators were almost completely computer generated, which gave AJ the freedom to relieve stress in post-independence production. But despite his infamous and permanent presence, the greatest villain in the film is full of clear eyes. Instead, rising water levels in the underground space brought an immense sense of dignity: climate change is not only real but also inevitable.

Through resources and mental stability, Dave and Haley can cope with all people, but no one in the world could help prevent the slow and steady flood of water in which they and everything around them was overwhelming. It is. Chew it

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