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Demi Lovato gives rousing performance of new song ‘Anyone’ at Grammys


Tearful Demi Lovato Emotionally Debuts Song ‘Anyone,’ Written Before Overdose, at Grammys,Demi Lovato gives rousing performance of new song ‘Anyone’ at Grammys
Demi Lovato debuted her new song “Anyone” at the 62nd Grammy Awards on Sunday evening, marking her first live performance since being hospitalized for a drug overdose in July 2018.
Demi Lovato gives rousing performance of new song 'Anyone' at Grammys
Presented by Little Women director Greta Gerwig, and accompanied only by a pianist on stage, Lovato presented an exciting and emotional rendition of the song, which includes personal lyrics such as “I feel stupid when I sing / Nobody listen to me. ” Nobody listens to me / I spoke with shooting stars but they are always wrong / I feel stupid when I pray. So why do I pray anyway?

Her powerful voice and sincere dedication won a big ovation from the public.

“Anyone” appears as Lovato’s first new music since 2018. It was previously reported that the singer would perform a new single that she had written before her overdose. While recovering at the hospital, it is said that Lovato decided that the song would be the first thing he would sing after he recovered.

The song also appeared on Apple Music before Lovato’s performance. Before releasing the song on Sunday, Lovato spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music Beats 1 of the song, saying that it was written and recorded only four days before his hospitalization.

“I recorded it in a state of mind where I felt I was fine, but clearly I was not,” said Lovato. “I even listen and I think,” God, I wish I could go back in time and help this version of myself. ”

He remembered thinking while he was in the hospital, “If I ever come back, I want to sing this song.”

Lovato announced that he would perform at the Grammys in an Instagram article in early January: “I told you that the next time you hear me, I will sing.”
In addition to speaking at the Teen Vogue Summit in November, Lovato has kept a low profile lately. During the interview, the singer of “Confident” said that she felt strong after her terrible experience.

“What I see in the mirror [is] someone who has overcome a lot. I have gone through a lot and I really see a fighter,” said Lovato. “I don’t see a championship winner, but I see a fighter and someone who will continue to fight no matter what he goes through.”

Lovato also revealed that a new album is on the way, but is in no rush to release it.

“It is important to remember that this time, I am very careful in going over things.” I really decided to take my time with things, so when the time comes to release new music, I will put it on sale, “he said.” I really want people to remember that I am a singer. I think a lot of the things I went through overshadowed my successes in the music industry or in the theater. I just want people to remember that this is what I want to give to the world, so focus on that and not on other things. ”

In just one week, Lovato will sing the national anthem in Super Bowl LIV, following in the footsteps of singers like Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.