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The best large-cap mutual funds to invest in 2020

India’s best performing mutual funds are poised to offer solid returns to investors in 2019. Valuations in many categories have reached attractive levels after the market correction in 2018, opening up opportunities for fund managers. funds. Here are the best performing mutual funds to invest in 2020.

1. Bluechip Axis Fund
Category: Actions: Large Cap
AUM: 9,481 croupies (as of November 30, 2019)
Start date: January 5, 2010

The dark horse has taken the charts by storm to emerge as one of the best performing large-cap funds of 2018. Its performance is impressive given the widespread failure of actively managed funds over the past year.

2. Kotak standard multicap fund
Category: Equity: Multi-Cap
AUM: € 29,096 (as of November 30, 2019)
Start date: September 30, 2009

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is Kotak AMC’s flagship program and the program that made AMC famous. It has returned 11.81% in the past 5 years, well above the 8.87% returns provided by its benchmark S&P BSE 200.

The fund has been managed by Harsha Upadhyaya since 2012. Harsha has focused heavily on large caps to protect investors from the volatility of 2018 and 2019, placing 78% of its assets in large cap stocks.

3. Franklin India Prima Fund
Category: Actions: Mid Cap
AUM: ₹ 7,604 (as of November 30, 2019)
Beginning date: 01 December 1993

The fund recently completed 25 full years of its existence. Over time, it produced a surprising CAGR of 17.01%. In other words, Rs. 1 lakh invested in the fund in 1993, now it would be worth Rs. 59.04 lakh, a fortune out of which many lucky fund investors can probably retire.

Franklin Prima has continued to offer stable returns in recent years. The 5-year CAGR at 12.14% is only slightly higher than the benchmark (S&P BSE 150 Mid Cap) at 10.75%.

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4. Axis Long-Term Equity Fund
Category: Equity: ELSS (Tax Saving)
AUM: $ 21,160 (as of November 30, 2019)
Start date: December 29, 2009

Axis Long Term Equity is a legend in the tax savings sector. It was the best year after year, reaching a point where most investors have a share of their investment in tax savings in this fund. The fund has consistently outperformed its peers and its benchmark, which justifies its large size and popularity.

The fund faced short-term headwinds and therefore contained losses of 3%, even better than the benchmark losses of around 7%. However, its 5-year returns are a whopping 12.20% versus 8.87% on its benchmark.

5. HDFC Small Cap Fund

Category: Small Cap
AUM: ₹ 9,344 (as of November 30, 2019)
Start date: April 3, 2008

The HDFC Small Cap fund has been performing surprisingly recently. Over the past year, the fund has lost about 18% compared to 26% for its benchmark, the S&P BSE Small-Cap. This can be attributed to the difficult turn that stocks in the mid- and small-cap category experienced in 2018.

Despite the bloodshed of 2018, the fund managed to deliver a CAGR over 5 years of 12.36%, outperforming its benchmark, the S&P BSE Small Cap at 4.98% over the same period. Unlike the typical financial stocks that dominate most mutual fund portfolios, the HDFC Small Cap Fund has gained oversized exposure to chemicals, engineering companies and services with a combined weight of around 40% of the l ‘total assets. .

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