Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’ Hollywood Movie Review 3 out of 5

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’ Hollywood Movie Review
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby
Directed by David Leitch
Stars: 3 out of 5
The Very Best Part of Hobbs & Shaw Is Neither Hobbs Nor Shaw

For most of its runtime, David Leach’s “Fast and Furious Presentations: Hubs and Shaw” offers products they expect from their ridiculous titles. By the way, what exactly are the audiences here? Do you want jokes between stars Jason Statum and Dwayne Johnson? Confirm Do you want to target each other multiple times? Verify that pursuing a car that is better than a physics or two? Confirm and confirm. It is only in the last third that the battle becomes very unstable when you realize that you do not care about anything happening, and you start to wish that Hobbs and Shaw had a little bit of bones in their hands. Get a story with more meat. General Chat Chat Lounge But by then you might be worried.


Hobbs & Shaw’ Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Image Credit Universal Pictures Hobbs & Shaw’ Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Image Credit Universal Pictures

For the first hour of “Hobbes and Shaw” there is a near-metronomic approach, which is clearly laudable in its irregularities. Fighting, verbal fighting, chase scenes, battles, a little show, insulting each other and more. As in most action films, there is a rhythm and the actors involved sharpen the rhythm. Johnson and Statham became the most interesting things about this franchise years ago, and they know that the screen has to rely solely on its characters. In a sense, this is an old comedy of ’80s friends, but with advanced technology and sensitivity. However, Leach and company are smart enough to know that the routine between the two power plants is obsolete for a couple of hours and, therefore, they want Elba and Kirby to convert energy. Give Of course, Charisma agrees with the two most important people in the department, to do some hard work, and then Kirby almost goes with the film. There is an interesting post about how Hobbs and Shaw consistently attract women in the film, including Madame de Eiza Gonzalez, Helen Mirren once again acting as Shaw’s mother. And in the final act I won. It did not spoil, but I appreciated how much Licht and Kirby refused to turn Haiti into a troubled girl, so they could easily be changed.


Really, what you really want to know is if things are going in a fun way. And they are basically, until the final act, when some choreographs of the fight, especially in the two series of additions, are a bit neglected. When he is not demonstrating lazily to highlight the jaw-attached fist, Leach has a habit of being hyperactive with his unstable camera and editing work. People love “John Wick” films because of the flow of choreography, and I wished for it a little here, especially in the field of height. The final act of “Hobbes and Shaw” is also almost comically bent on the “familiar” subject of the series, and it is exaggerated and evolving, producing a message that has not been successful. Clearly, there are no real emotional dangers in the last third of this movie, and I reviewed more than the series’ best work (“Fast Five”, “Furious 7”).

I know what you’re saying. “What is emotionally at stake ?!” In a franchise that has quickly become a science fiction rather than an act? It is surprising that they call Broxton the Black Superman and the Terminator, and show how much the need for this series has pushed fantasy and science fiction. But even the most superficial escapades need to be something, and the minimal set-up and irregular process of the final series here reminds me of less “Fast and Furious” films.

Most people wouldn’t mind. Heck, I don’t care when I see him again at home. In fact, the summer of 2019 is ridiculously slim when it comes to meaningless entertainment. And it can be said that the four movie stars are just as charming as leaving the square of the film together for only two hours. As critics have said of similar plans in the past, this is a movie about popcorn eating and leaving your worries at the door. While the rap in Hollywood is that they are now in the business of making products rather than movies, “Hubs and Shaw” is one of the season’s exciting and bright new products.

But not all pieces of the process are the same: Physical combat is strictly choreography and elegant, and the closing riot-inspired riot in Samoa is stimulating and inventive, with a bit of confusion that has a whole series of chains. Aging truck got in the middle of a chase to shoot a helicopter together. But there are parts that seem familiar and oblivious. There are some pretty cool stunts in London for cars and motorcycles, but it feels like behind the scenes missions: an impossible series has already gone ahead. And a huge, confusing and explosive collision, buildings and jeeps fell in the headquarters of Athens. And bicycles and planes and trucks and people flying by car, feel like something special has been cooked to remind us that this is a fast and fast movie. In anger And although this series has certainly had its moments, it has become more like soap opera with each new entry. At his best, Hobbes & Shaw offers a refreshing look for swelling. I wanted to see another one of Diesel’s speeches about the family instead of watching it.

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