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JAPAN 3 Years Free Work Visa 2020 for Skilled Pakistanis through Pakistani Government


JAPAN 3 Years Free Work Visa 2020 Jobs For Skilled Manpower In Japan FREE WORK VISA JOBS 2020 FOR Pakistanis through Pakistani Government OPEN FOR SKILLED WORK VISA 350,000 Jobs for Pakistani skilled persons in different Fields like Foods, Agriculture, Construction, Mechanical Jobs, Electrical jobs, Civil Jobs, etc.
Japan Offering in Jobs for Skilled Manpower in These Fields.

  1. Caretaker
  2. Building cleaning management
  3. Machine parts and tooling industries
  4. Industrial machinery industries
  5. Electronics and Information industries
  6. Agriculture fisheries
  7. Manufacture of food and beverages
  8. Food service industry
  9. Ship building and ship machinery
  10. Automobile repair and maintenance
  11. Aviation Industry
  12. Accommodation Industry


Diploma in above respective disciplines will be given preference.


Minimum 2 years experience in respective disciplines/skills.

Fauji Foundation invites applications for the employment of Skilled Manpower in JAPAN.

Japan is finally issuing work visas for Pakistanis. The peculiarity of the new visa regime is that less educated and even sub-matrix persons can also apply for it.

JAPAN 3 Years Free Work Visa 2020 for Pakistanis through Pakistani Government

Job application link 1: Job offer for skilled labor in Japan

Job application link 2: skilled labor for Japan

The confirmation came from a press release from the Japanese Embassy in Pakistan on December 23, 2019. “The basic level of knowledge of the Japanese language and passing the skills test can help you get through the process.”

The good news is that, like Monday, the Japanese ambassador to Pakistan, HE. Mr. MATSUDA Kuninori, and the Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources Development and Pakistan, HE. Mr. Aamir Hasan, signed the cooperation protocol.

During the ceremony HE. SONOURA Kentaro, Special Adviser for Foreign Affairs of President ABE Shinzo of the Democratic Liberal Party of Japan (LDP), who was in Pakistan for a two-day visit, also attended the signing ceremony with Mr. Zulfi Bukhari.

JAPAN 3 Years Free Work Visa 2020 Application Form

For which countries are nationals eligible?

Pakistan now joins 9 other countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to be eligible for the new immigration policy and Japan work visa announced in April of 2019.

What is the work visa policy?

“Japan launched its new immigration policy known as” Specified Skill Visa “(Tokyo Ginou, 特定 技能) on April 1, 2019. Under this new law, Japan will accept a large number of foreign workers. As an indication, * 345,150 international workers may go to Japan to serve their labor market.

Important requirements

According to the Japanese ambassador, the only important thing for applicants interested in obtaining a visa is to learn the Japanese language. In addition, applicants who have successfully completed their first five years of visa in Japan may also bring their families.

Age requirement There is no maximum age set by the Japanese government. In any case, the applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of the request. The new immigration program could be a copy of South Korea.

This is already recruiting Pakistani workers thanks to the success of the Korean proficiency test. It will be the same in this new scheme. Applicants are likely to take the Japanese language test organized by the Japanese government and then selected according to an appropriate procedure.


Categories of professional professions: The Japanese ambassador also added that Japan has opened the recruitment of 14 sectors of work that are: 1. agriculture 2. material processing 3. nursing 4. shipbuilding 5. restaurants 6. ground assistance at airports and maintenance of aircraft 7. food and drink 8. hotels 9. industrial machinery 10. electronic and electrical machinery 11. building cleaning 12. construction 13. vehicle maintenance 14. fishing *


According to the law, the category of work permit has been divided into 2 types of permit: Visa type 1 and Visa type 2.

Type 1 Visa (Skills specified visa 1- SSV1)

Foreigners with Japanese language skills and industry-specific skills can apply for this 5-year visa. This type of work visa will allow international workers to work in the 14 sectors mentioned above with a medium and low level of qualified employment.

Applicants for this type of visa must pass a Japanese language exam and technical exams. In addition, they must also have a good work experience in the planned work area. This visa will be granted first for five years. Unfortunately, workers will not be able to bring their relatives.

It authorizes the renewal of visas of limited duration and cannot be extended until a type 2 visa has been changed. The government has planned to grant 47,550 work visas the first year and then for a period at 5 years, that number will exceed 345,150. Surprisingly, it includes 60,000 work visas for the nursing sector.

The Japanese government will conduct a Japanese language test for the Type 1 visa in 10 countries, including Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia, China and Pakistan.

Type of visa 2 (Specified Skills Visa 2- SSV2)

Workers holding a type 1 visa can apply for a type 2 visa (from 2021) if they have acquired higher levels of specialization in their field. Currently, applicants can only request 2 streams, construction and shipbuilding.

It allows visa holders to bring their loved ones with them and also allows unlimited visa renewal and could allow them to apply for permanent residence later (which is normally granted after 10 years of continuous stay in Japan).

Fees have not been announced for this visa category. For this category, applicants do not need to show proof of language proficiency, but will be assessed on an exam based on their proficiency. First, work continuously, obey the laws and pay your taxes, then you can request this SSV2.

An excellent action by the “Ministry of Justice” is that it has issued an order requiring employers to pay wages equivalent to or higher than those of Japanese citizens. Wages will be paid directly into workers’ bank accounts.

To guarantee the quality of this program and support foreigners in Japan, the government will open 100 consultation centers across the country to deal with employment, medical services and education of children in foreign languages. Visa conversion processes appear to be immediate in April 2019 for those already living in Japan and wish to request this new “Specified Skill Visa” transmission. * Students of the “Technical Internship Training Program” are also eligible to apply for this new visa.


Japan has introduced a new Japanese language proficiency test called the Japan Foundation Test of the Japan Foundation (国際 交流 基金 日本語 基礎 テ ス ト). For the two visa categories 1 and 2, the required level of command of the Japanese language is at level N4. However, some industries may request a higher score if they wish. Those who complete 3 years of practical training will be exempt from this requirement.