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Lara Spencer apologizes for ‘callous comments’ when host George George laughs at the idea of ​​studying ballet


Lara Spencer apologizes for ‘callous comments’ when host George George laughs at the idea of ​​studying ballet

Lara Spencer may not have seen “Cat Elite”.

It was surprising that Spencer, the “Good Morning America” ​​host on ABC, laughed openly at the news that the 6-year-old had chosen to study ballet. Upon hearing Prince George’s resume on Thursday morning, he launched “Theology, computer programming, poetry and ballet.”

He announced it, “BAA-lay.”

And then continued. “Prince William says that George loves ballet.” “I have news for you, Prince William. We will see how long it lasts.”

Lara Spencer apologizes for 'callous comments' when host George George laughs at the idea of ​​studying ballet.jpg

How can ballet be the cartoon line of this story in 2019? Isn’t it surprising that a 6 year old boy studies computer programming? And it is smart to start ballet: it takes at least 10 years to produce a classical dancer. But, of course, this problem is not about George’s age. This is his gender.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this class was how clear it was that Mrs. Spencer didn’t think she would have done anything inappropriate by embarrassing a child for wanting to study centennial art. Or to keep up with tired and homophobic stereotypes: it is not a suitable profession for ballet men.

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The online response from the world of ballet has been intensified and accelerated by organizations such as the Val Dance Festival and the San Francisco Ballet, and especially dancers, including the stars Robbie Fairchild, Ashley Boulder and James Whiteside.

Spencer’s response to the fuss on Instagram didn’t help.

“My sincere apologies for the callous comments made yesterday in Pop News. For anyone who wants to find life, from ballet to anything, I say yes. I totally believe that we should all be free to pursue their emotions. Climb your mountain and love every moment. ”
The 50-year-old television journalist posted an Instagram on Friday in mountain views, with an apology written for mocking Belle’s inclusion in George’s school curriculum, which aired online.

He wrote: “My sincerest apologies for the callous comments I made during Thursday’s pop news.” From the ballet, which I had taken in my childhood, to anything in life that you want to find, I think we should all embrace our passion.

“Go climb your mountain and love every minute,” Spencer concluded his note.

At GMA, Spencer was teaching George’s funny school curriculum, and after boarding the ballet, he stopped when his fellow hosts and the public could hear laughter in the background.