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Mardaani 2 movie review: Rani Mukerji steals the show in soul-stirring and well-timed thriller


Movie review Mardaani 2: Rani Mukerji’s movie is exciting in pursuit of cats and mice

Mardaani 2 does not waste time getting to the point. In his first minutes, a young man with the mask of a monster (or vice versa, he could say) commits a crime so heinous that he makes his skin crawl simply by considering the extent of his depravity. Policeman Shivani Shivaji Roy, played by Rani Mukerji, has the task of discovering the culprit.
For 105 minutes, the writer and director Gopi Puthran organizes an elaborate chase of cats and mice which is exciting and often unconvincing. Sunny, the young companion that Shivani is chasing, is a rapist and serial killer whose incredible misogyny and propensity for brutal violence, we later learn, is rooted in his own dark past. Vishal Jethwa interprets Sunny as a sadistic and disturbed villain who wants to put women in their place, repeatedly reminding them not to rise above their “aukaat”.

As in Mardaani of 2014, Shivani relies on his instinct, his experience and his intelligence to discover the movements of the villain and the way he tends to think. In this film, he confronted a child trafficker and Tahir Bhasin interpreted him as polite, gentle and cunning. The villain here is considerably younger and blinded by hatred. In a way, Shivani’s guts seem to enter the minds of all men.

The film is intended, without a doubt, as a wish fulfillment fantasy. It reminds us of our time when crimes against women are a sad reality. Shivani offers justice that has been difficult to achieve in real life on the screen. I’ll let you decide what you think of this message: it’s complicated.

In the end, Mardaani 2 benefits from the good performances of Rani Mukerji and his young co-star Vishal Jethwa. It’s fast, slippery and plays in the gallery. I go with three out of five.

Rating: 3/5

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Mardaani 2 Movie Review by Ravniet Gandhi

If bollywood has SINGHAM, SIMBA & to come SURYAVANSHI, then it also has SHIVANI SHIVAJI ROY, the MARDAANI & she is back, now at KOTA from MUMBAI to catch a phsyco rapist, a young boy…one can call it a coincidence that a time when we in our country have witnessed a brutal rape & murder then comes along a film based on & around this subject…
Rape by itself is THE WORST CRIME & totally unacceptable with most of us agreeing on one ground i.e, for a fast track & severe punishment , the director here clearly conveys this message in the end & in a way leaves the ending open for it’s viewers & judiciary to decide… the film starts with the villain of the story for whom to rape & surpress a woman is a high & he does that & very brutally, to solve this case now from Mumbai the daredevil lady cop SHIVANI is transferred & she strikes immediately by hurting the ego of our psycho killer & rapist, from then on it’s a cat & mouse game, an engaging 105 minutes thriller , thankfully no unnecessarily put in songs to fill in the norms of a bollywood film & leads to an expected but differently & well handled climax
The 3 A’s of the movie are
(a) The DIRECTOR GOPI PUTHRAN who also is the story, screenplay & dialogue writer… implements a perfect picture of what he has had in his mind on the large canvas, not going wrong or overboard anywhere & keeping the viewers engrossed, simultaneously handling a sensitive & tropical subject very maturely
(b) The villain, VISHAL JETHWA, a young 25 year old boy & what a debut performance on the big screen, total in control & full of confidence , he for sure is the next big thing in HINDI CINEMA, here the viewers are going to LOVE TO HATE HIM
(c) The hero of this film, yes HERO… RANI MUKHERJEE, definitely a brilliant performance once again & two of her outstanding scenes here are the one where she appears for a live TV TALK show & at the climax , the very end after she has had the villain beaten up
A movie NOT TO BE MISSED for sure , for me it’s 5 on 5