SEASON 9 ROYAL PASS CONFIRM LEAKS FIRST LOOK (BIG UPDATE IS COMMING) PUBG Mobile Season 9 Leaks Reveal New Kar98 Skin, Outfits and More get 100 RP by Free Royal Pass.
PUBG Mobile is easily the most popular mobile game at the moment. However, what keeps the players hooked in this Battle Royale game is the novelty that they have to experience from time to time. We know that PUBG Corporation brings to your game fast iterative updates that improve the player experience and bring new elements to the game. That is why, in such a short time, we have seen 8 seasons of PUBG, the eighth season that ends in a few days. Today, although there is no known release date for the ninth season of PUBG Mobile, there have been some leaks in the next season that reveal new add-ons that we will have to see in PUBG Mobile. All PUBG Mobile Player ranking points will be reset after the start of season 9. Players must purchase the Royal Pass to purchase exclusive items, as is the case each time.
PUBG Mobile Season 9: new mask, new outfits, etc.

According to the information disclosed by the complainants, the last season of PUBG Mobile will present new outfits in the game. To access this new outfit, players must perform some missions. There will also be a new Kar98 mask in the ninth season of PUBG Mobile. Depending on the source of the leak, the new Kar98 mask will only be available to Royal Pass holders.

By looking more closely at the leaks, forecasters have also revealed that a new parachute with the season 9 logo would appear. This skin can be obtained after reaching the level of aces in the new season. There will also be a new Dacia mask, but similar to the Kar98 mask, this mask will also be accessible only to players with Royal Pass. Finally, there should be a new airplane mask, and this mask will have texture and blue through the images.

PUBG Mobile Season 9: Royal Pass leaks

There have also been some leaks about Royal Pass rewards for season 9. Among the many prizes include the Royal Pass portable locker, which will be unlocked for players. As part of the Bronze V reward, players will be able to see new boxes with warrior themes. The new box will come in a silver color. Filtration reveals the dress that players can access as part of the Royal Pass. The 100 RP outfit turned out to be a warrior, and the leak also sums up the other additions it would bring to season 9. PUBG Mobile players will have the opportunity to see the new Kar98 mask, the airplane mask, new gestures, new outfits and more.


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