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PUBG Mobile Season 9 VPN Tricks Royale Pass Details, Release Date, RP 100 Outfit, Skins

Who doesn’t want to have a great-looking outfit, gun masks or maybe incredible-looking vehicle masks, especially legendary or mythical items to show off in front of your friends, write! But the problem here is that not everyone can afford to buy Unknown Cash (UC) to open boxes, which by the way cost 30.60 and 120 UC and even if you have UC chances, you will end up getting Silver Fragments. Seriously, we are paying up to 120 UC for silver fragments!

PUBG mobile Season 9 crate cycle

So how can we get Crate Coupons or any other kind of free stuff and we didn’t have to spend a single money: VPN tricks! It doesn’t matter if you’re 1000 from UC or not, who will say No to free Scrap coupons or Crate coupons or other free stuff.

Note that the use of VPN Tricks is not considered piracy and is completely safe to use.
So, let’s see how we can get free stuff using PUBG Mobile VPN Tricks.

Tricks of PUBG Mobile VPN (September 13, 2019)

Before starting, let me tell you that the period of the event is from 09/13/2019 to 10/17/2019 and the elements that you will get from this trick are

PUBG Mobile Season 9 VPN Tricks Royale Pass Details, Release Date, RP 100 Outfit, Skins

2 Royale Pass Mission Card (Login for a total of 2 days)
2 supply box coupons (login for a total of 7 days)
1 Classic Crate Coupons (login for a total of 10 days)
1 premium cash coupons (login for a total of 12 days)
Time Traveler – Kar98 Skins: valid for up to 15 days (Login for a total of 15 days)
M16A4 Army Green Parachute: Validity – Permanent (Log in for a total of 20 days)
So how can we get coupons, masks and other things for free using PUBG Mobile VPN Tricks?


Step 1: Download Fly VPN from Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Open App and select Taiwan Server.
PS: If your Phone supports “Game Mode” feature, please disable temporarily as it will close the Fly VPN app while starting the Game.

Step 3: Now Open PUBG Mobile and Go to Settings -> Basic. Scroll down till last and Click change Country/Region and Select Chinese Taipei (Don’t worry changing the Country will not affect your game pings or any short of lags). Note: You won’t be able to change the country for 30 days.

Step 4: Now Restart the Game and Go to Events. Now you will be able to see new rewards in events.

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