US Senator Kirsten Gleibrand is out of the 2020 presidential race.

US Senator Kirsten Gleibrand is out of the 2020 presidential race.

Democrat Kirsten Gleibrand retired from the presidential race on Wednesday, abruptly ending a campaign that once seemed the strongest credentials of #MeToo ready to move on but surprisingly low surveys and fundraising struggles. The medium collapsed.

US Senator Kirsten Gleibrand is out of the 2020 presidential race.

The 52-year-old New York senator said in an online video that he has not ratified the expectations of another 2020 Democratic White House: “I know that was not the result we wanted.” “But it’s important to know when it’s not your time.”
The decision was made when the street brand could not qualify for the debate in Houston next month, while at least two percent of public opinion polls could not vote, while protecting 130,000 unique donors. As US $ 1 it turned out to be particularly embarrassing because the candidates who started the race with very few national profiles, including businessman Andrew Yang.

On Wednesday’s grading deadline, street brands sat down with their family and decided that if a couple of polls launched the next morning didn’t help them reach the voting threshold, they would stop. ۔

Both finally showed it at 0%.

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To reach the United States House, the street brand came to power in Republican New York in 2007 in a controversial part of New York, and two years after occupying the vacant position that Hillary Clinton left. I got ready. He later retained his seat during the 2010 special elections in 2012 and 2018.

In the Senate calling for sexual harassment and the prevention of military sexual assaults, and promoting equal pay for women and family vacations, Gulibrand made her and her strong defense of abortion the focus of the presidential candidacy. She was in the Democratic presidency and declared that she would only appoint judges in the Supreme Court who legalized this historic abortion based on the 1973 Ro V. Wade decision, however, most of her contestants soon followed suit.

The street brand also used his career to highlight systemic racism and white privilege, discussing issues such as widespread incarceration, civil armed violence and maternal mortality rates for black women. Of
Carsten Gleibrand became the last divorced politician on Wednesday, 2020, when the New York senator officially announced that he would retire from the race. The street brand said in a video announcing its decision: “After more than eight incredible months, I am finishing my presidential campaign.” I know this is not the result we wanted. I wanted to win the race, but it’s important to know when you don’t have time and how you can better serve your community and your country. I’m sure I can defeat Donald Trump in 2020. He can serve us better by helping to unite us. ”

The street brand, which focused its attention on issues such as women’s equality and rights to abortion and family leave, failed to break through the crowd despite a viral moment during the current confrontation over Biden and other debates . He was, when he said: “The first office I will be in when I am president is Clorox.” According to the New York Times, the Gillibrand election campaign was funded primarily by his Senate campaign account, and Candidate funds were received mainly during the summer, partly due to the failure of the legislator’s fundraiser According to the denial It was due to the many donors for efforts against Democratic Senator Al Frynkn, because he had publicly demanded his resignation on charges of sexual depravity. “We know there were first responders who were angry with her and she didn’t support me for that,” Glenbard told the Times. “I didn’t change my actions, because today I will be with these eight women.”

New York lawmakers say they are still determined to fight Trump against Trump in 2020, and they tell the Times: “I will do my best to make sure our candidate is Trump.” He will defeat. “Street brand plans support a candidate in the Democratic primary, but they currently refuse to say who they will support, although he told the Times he believes” the female candidate is affected. What will be more exciting. “However, Gleibrand’s main concern is the candidate who can unite the country, although he said” he would support any nominee, and that I will do whatever it takes to defeat Trump. ”
CNN Kirsten Gleibrand retired from the Democratic presidential nomination race on the afternoon of Wednesday 2020, ending the campaign, despite the strong electoral war chest and high position

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