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What does that have to do without a doubt with Trump? Twitter is blocking users.


What does that have to do without a doubt with Trump? Twitter is blocking users.

President Donald Trump is challenging the federal appeals court’s decision that violates the United States Constitution by detaining unwanted people from his Twitter account.

In court documents filed Friday afternoon by the US Department of Justice, Trump asked for a new hearing on the US president’s appeal in New York in New York, calling the decision 3-0 “fundamentally misunderstood.” Than.

Trump has more than 63 million followers on Twitter, and often uses his account to make important announcements, including Friday when his tweets about trade with China fell sharply in US oil stocks and prices. UU. Of

A panel of three judges confirmed a lower court ruling in May 2018 last month that forced Trump to unlock dozens of followers.

The US President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is shown on a computer screen [File: Jenny Kane/AP Photo]
Twitter Inc. and the White House declined to comment.

In the appeal court decision, Circuit Judge Barrington Parker wrote: “The First Amendment does not allow any government official who otherwise uses a social media account to exclude people from online conversations. Because they expressed their views, with which officials disagreed. ”

The White House social media director Dan Scavino, who was also the defendant, is also challenging the decision of the appeals court.
The Justice Department court warned on Friday that if the decision of the appeals court was confirmed, “public officials who will solve their public charge problems on personal accounts will pay attention to the threat. Every action taken on this account will be subject to scrutiny. constitutional “.

Parker, however, said Trump’s account “is trapped in everything that is a public account managed by the state” and is “one of the most important White House vehicles in public business.”

Trump has created his account @ Russell Donald Trump, which he opened in 2009, which is a central and controversial part of his presidency, which he uses to promote his agenda and attack critics.

Blocking his critics was challenged by the First Amendment Institute of Columbia University, as well as by the seven Twitter users he blocked.

The Department of Justice has submitted that since the verdict, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a lawyer representing two lawsuits, has been accused of violating the First Amendment to detain people on her personal Twitter account.

The Department of Justice presented the first error of amendment of the court, not only before a government official, but before the President of the United States of America.